Option to Switch Learning Methods (Deadline is January 10)

Dear Lakehead Public Schools families,

Lakehead Public Schools recognizes that in-person learning is best for most students. However, given the complexities of the local COVID-19 situation, some families may wish to move to virtual learning for the remainder of the school year. Alternatively, families currently enrolled in Lakehead Virtual Elementary School may wish to move to in-person learning for the remainder of the school year (effective once permitted by the Government of Ontario). We are pleased to offer interested families either option.

Families wishing to move from one learning method to the other must complete and submit a designated form before 9AM Monday, January 10.

Please observe the following points carefully when considering the 5-month learning method move:

  • The move is for the remainder of the school year and begins January 31 for elementary students and February 1 for secondary students;
  • Virtual learning at elementary is similar to past experiences (taught through Microsoft Teams and Seesaw; students assigned to a virtual class);
  • In secondary, the Board will be discontinuing the hybrid approach for semester 2. Instead, students who choose to remain fully virtual for semester 2 will be part of an educational program that is comprised of a combination of TVO courses (fully funded by the Board) and a restricted number of local course offerings that will be delivered virtually.

Families, or individual students, who have decided to move learning methods must complete and submit this form https://bit.ly/3zsyJwG before 9AM Monday, January 10.

Families wishing to discuss the best approach for their child can contact their school to arrange a conversation with their teacher or principal.

At Lakehead Public Schools, the safety of our school communities is our top priority. We are grateful to all families for their efforts in contributing to healthy school communities by following public health guidance.

Thank you for your commitment to your child and for taking the time to select your child’s best learning option during this challenging time.