Levels, or degrees, of achievement of the curriculum expectations are presented in achievement charts in each of the curriculum policy documents. The charts are organized into four broad categories of knowledge and skills: knowledge/understanding; thinking/inquiry; communication; and application/making connections. The names of the categories may vary slightly to reflect the differences in the specific nature of each subject. The charts contain descriptions of each level of achievement in each category; these are broad in scope and general in nature, but they provide a framework for all assessment and evaluation practices. They enable teachers to make consistent
judgments about the quality of students’ work and to give clear and specific information about their achievement to their parents.

The achievement levels are associated with percentage grades and are defined as follows:

80 to 100%
Level 4: a very high to outstanding level of achievement, above the provincial standard

70 to 79%
Level 3: a high level of achievement, at the provincial standard

60 to 69%
Level 2: a moderate level of achievement, below but approaching the
provincial standard

50 to 59%
Level 1: a passable level of achievement, below the provincial standard

below 50%
insufficient achievement of the curriculum expectations, no credit granted

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