A Safe Learning Environment

Lakehead District School Board (LDSB) schools are safe, nurturing, respectful and positive learning environments that enable all students to succeed to their full potential. They are violence-free environments that promote a sense of responsibility, civility and academic excellence. As part of this, all students and staff are expected to develop and acquire the knowledge and skills that demonstrate respect for human rights and social justice, and promote the values they need to become responsible members of society.

The Code of Conduct is founded on principles of fairness and non-violence and has a focus on assisting students to develop appropriate social/personal skills and non-violent problem-solving techniques that will be used when incidents occur. Students are encouraged to assist each other through programs like peer mediation, problem-solving discussions and dispute resolution.

The LDSB does not tolerate the following activities on its property, on school buses, or at Board-sponsored events:

  • Physical aggression of any kind;
  • The possession or presence of weapons or replicas;
  • Verbal abuse in any form;
  • The presence of any intruder or any activity which places the safety of students, staff or visitors at risk;
  • The possession, use or trafficking of alcohol, illegal drugs or unauthorized prescription drugs;
  • Bullying and cyber bullying.
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